Hello, everyone! Adam here. I’m back after Isaac’s turn as our guest blogger last week. If you haven’t read his post yet, please click HERE and take a look, then come back and keep reading this.

Are we all back yet? Fantastic! Now let’s pick up the conversation where he left off, at ARM 100: INTRODUCTIONS & CONSIDERATIONS, the hour-long, one-on-one, totally free, truly educational tutorial we’ve designed to replace our old, conventional sales-meeting format. It’s the first course or module in our new fitness-and-nutrition curriculum, and it’s like nothing else you’ve ever done.


During the course of your ARM 100 experience, you’ll be tutored by an executive-level educator who will guide you in a review of and discussion about your life, work, and health; problems and challenges you may be facing; goals and solutions you may want to consider; risks and consequences you may want to avoid–in an intimate, informative, and interactive manner.


By the time you’ve completed your ARM 100 experience, you will have learned something that’s yours to keep and use, regardless of whether or not you choose to take the next step through our curriculum. Specifically, you’ll learn to look at your self, your health, your life, and the options available to you in a fresh new way. You’ll see patterns you never saw before, identify connections you never made before, uncover opportunities you never imagined before, and finally figure out what’s at the core of your relationship with your own body and what it’s going to take to make and keep that body healthy.


About three-quarters through ARM 100, you will have assessed your own health and what it’s going to take to get you where you want and need to be. If your tutor thinks ARM’s people and programmes can help (spoiler alert; nine times out of ten, we can) he or she will take a moment to review our curriculum with you–along with information regarding tuition, scholarships, and financing plans available. He or she will then invite you to register into ARM 200: EXPERIMENTS & INVESTIGATIONS. The choice of whether or not to do so will be yours–and regardless of your choice your hour will have been well-spent, with the new view and observational tools it has given you.

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