Six years ago when I founded ARM I was a complete rookie when it came to business.

Sure I had a lot more experience than most when it came to fitness, but building a business was a whole different ball game! All I knew was that I had a passion for improving the industry and I was going to find a way to “make it better”.

You see I never really had a “default advantage” as I like to call it. I was never a top performer because of my natural ability (in fact I am terrible at first with most things I start) and fitness was no different.

So instead of relying on “brute strength”, I had to do things differently, I had to do things smarter.

You see, ARM Systems is not a specific fitness program nor is it a type of training. It is a way of eating, training, and living that has been refined over the last decade.

And while a lot of it isn’t “new” the application of the material has drastically evolved over the last 6 years.

While in the beginning it was limited to just a handful of people who I could personally train it has now evolved into a global platform.

Not only does this mean that where people live is no longer a limitation but it also means I can help serve people at a fraction of the cost.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing that will deliver better results than our ARM Academy (in fact we guarantee it!) but the reality is that not everyone can afford it or is ready to invest the amount required to go through it.

That is why we created ARM Systems Mobile.

It brings some of the best systems that we have spent years to perfect to a larger audience. It brings people the right knowledge, the best plans, and the accountability required to reach their goals.

Things like ensuring clients are progressing each workout—often the reason most people don’t see results.

Things like making sure clients know the proper technique and avoid injuries that could leave them out of the gym for weeks if not months on end.

Things like the ability to contact our trainers at a click of a button, and for the trainer to be able to review your plan BEFORE offering advice (offering advice without knowing what you are currently doing in detail rarely works).

All of these things matter and make a massive difference.

ARM Systems Mobile isn’t just another “Fitness App”, it is the beginning of a new era of fitness—one where people are consistently reaching their goals.

To a remarkable future together,


PS. You can sign up for ARM Systems Mobile here.

PPS. If you are not yet set up on our app yet let me know what is holding you back? The first 30 days are free and includes working with myself or one of our coaches personally. After that we can make a plan that works for almost any budget.

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