In today’s post I wanted to share how one of the processes that we use behind the scenes at ARM can drastically change YOUR life.

The process is called “design thinking”

Here’s a quick note on it that was included in our 2015 magazine The ARM Report.

“As a process, design thinking results in practical responses to real-world problems that leave not just immediate complaints but also surrounding situations and foundation structures better—more durable, flexible, efficient, and responsive—than they were before. Uniquely, this is often done by refusing to fix, change, solve, or even acknowledge problems themselves as isolated phenomena. Emphasis, instead, is placed upon re-designing and/or re-engineering systems and environments from which problems emerge—so they shrink, evaporate, or wither way on their own.”

How does this apply to you?

Well the way that most people tackle goals in their lives is that they look for things that they don’t like and try to fix them.

…this is kind of like riding your bike, staring at a tree in front of you, and hoping you won’t hit it.

What’s going to happen?

You are going to ride right into it!

Well the same thing happens to people who are trying to lose weight, they focus on the wrong thing (not having extra weight) and just like that tree they are lined up perfectly for it to remain a big problem.

You see, our brains are interesting. They can’t NOT think of something. They are visual in nature and can only think in terms of absolutes (this is why if I told you NOT to think about a pink elephant you instantly thought of one).

So what’s a better solution?

The best solution is to determine what is missing from that area of your life.

What would make a profound difference?

What would make that extra weight IMPOSSIBLE to have. It might be a consistent exercise routine, it might be a good nutrition plan, it might be a shift in your mindset from someone who is “lazy” to someone who is “determined”.

Find that and focus on bringing that to life.

Interested in knowing how? Let me know and I will write a bit more on the topic later this week.

Committed to your success,


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