Typewriter What is Your Story

For months I had a story about being too busy.

How was I supposed to find the time to go to the gym when I had so much going on? Clearly anyone else in my situation would agree that I simply had too much on my plate to have the time for anything else.

I even got people to agree with me on the topic…

But do you know what all of that did for me? It gave me an excuse—a way out.

I could justify why I allowed myself to feel like crap. To wake up each morning more tired, more drained, more mediocre 😔.

I got to play the victim.

If I had let that continue, I could only imagine how I would feel now.

Do you know what I did to fix it? I changed my story.

Instead of saying I was too busy, I changed the story to that I was in demand. I was needed. And to serve people better I needed to keep in top shape 💪.

So I let go of some of my “hobbies” such as watching TV every night (and changed it to 2-3 times per week), going out for lunch, and sleeping in when I could.

All of the sudden I had time 🕐.

What I am getting at here is that the story we have about a situation is often more powerful than the situation itself.

And while trying to change a situation itself can seem like an impossible task, changing the story about it isn’t.

The beauty of all of this is that by changing the story your actions will change by default.

And new actions mean new results 💥.

So if you have a story that is stopping you right now, email me at adam@armsystems.ca 📧📧📧.

We will schedule a complimentary consultation and work together on creating a new story.

One that inspires you.

And may just change your life.

To a life well lived,



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