I used to think that success was built on itself.

It was a momentum thing.

The more success you had the more success you were probably going to have in the future. What I didn’t know was this:

Success is built on a foundation of failures.

Let me expand on this by using a concept I first heard from Gary Vaynerchuk about micro-failures.

You see, failure can be separated into two categories: micro and macro.

A macro failure would be dying. A macro failure would be going out of business. A macro failure would be your wife telling you that she utterly despises you and wants a divorce.

Almost everything else can be can be deemed a micro failure.

The challenge is that most people see micro failures and make them bigger than they are. Something doesn’t go the way they had planned and they freak out. They lose momentum and focus. They spend so much time trying to fix the micro that they forget about the macro.

What needs to happen is a mindset shift. To realize that every single micro failure that has ever happened was there to help you succeed at a macro level.

If I were to explain everything going on in my life right now I would have way more things not going well than going well from a micro level.

But overall, in regards to my goals, dreams, and passions—everything is going extremely well! At a micro level I am failing, but at a macro level I am succeeding.

Most people have it reversed. They don’t take chances for fear of failing at a micro level. They play it safe. And before long they stop progressing, and thus they are losing at a macro level.

For me, I deal with micro failures every single day.

I get emails about clients who are injured.  Appointments that need to be cancelled. Campaigns that aren’t performing. Projects that are behind. Every single day there are micro failures that I deal with—I have no choice in the matter.

And I can either resist it or embrace it.

I can use it to build perseverance and backbone. It’s a mindset shift.

Putting myself on the right track from a macro level and realizing that every micro “failure” doesn’t really matter.

It is also important to be aware of how your environment effects your response. Whether it’s success or failure, you have to decide what you are going to do.

The biggest factor on whether or not you are going to win is completely based on how you react to your environment, and not the environment itself. You can read more about it here.

So re-focus. Realize that you have no alternatives in life but to go all in.

Take those micro failures and transform them into macro successes.





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