At our latest design meeting, the Vice President of ARM, Jeff Bao Nguyen and I had an interesting discussion about what is required for permanent lifestyle transformation.

We compared the typical personal training model out there to winning the lottery.

Do a little bit of research on Google and you will find countless stories of people who made it big, only to lose it all.

Why is this?

One of the major reasons is that they never learned how to become wealthy.

Being wealthy isn’t as simple as just winning a lot of money, there are skills involved like money management, investing, saving, etc. For someone to become wealthy they have to go through a transformation process first.

At ARM one of our core principles comes from the idea that transformation starts with a declaration of oneself, which causes certain actions, that result in certain outcomes. A new result on it’s own will never be sufficient to cause a transformation.

Declaration (Being) > Actions (Doing) > Outcomes (Having)

So if we go back to the example of winning the lottery we see that although a new result (having money) was present, the actions that lead to it weren’t there.

The outcome? A short lived experience of being rich.

This is also where ARM stands out among the rest in the personal training space.

While most trainers focus on a certain outcome (which is often short lived once achieved), we focus on things like behavior change and causing a complete transformation in who someone is.

The result? Clients that experience lasting results. Sure, some may revert back to their old habits, but they will always have access to the new identity created with us.

That’s the beauty of transformation—at any time you can choose to be whoever you want to be.

And while some people are ok with being a truck, being able to transform into “Optimus Prime” at any time is extremely powerful.


PS. One last note on transformation is that it requires a certain style of learning to get. While the typical model of informative learning (through information) is great for some areas of our lives, it does nothing to cause transformation.

What makes a difference is called Transformative Learning, something we introduce our clients to in our ARM 100 series. You can book this free appointment by going to www.ARMsystems.ca.

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