I just finished watching a new series on Netflix called Ozark (if you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out!).

During the opening scene in the first episode the main character Marty Byrde talks about how “money is the measure of a man’s choices”.

Said another way money is the result of one’s actions.

This got me thinking…

For someone like Marty Byrde, money itself is quite boring.

…but the process of getting it creates the whole basis for a hit TV series.

This is how I think about fitness—I am a lot more interested in the process of getting fit than the actual result of it.

In fact, the more I tend to be focused on the result, the less likely I am to accomplish it.

Why is this? 🤔

It has to do with focusing on the things I can control vs. the things I can’t.

As much as I would like to think I have control over the result, the truth is I don’t. And the more I focus on the things I can’t control, the less I focus on the things I can.

It all about prioritizing what to focus on. Although I have very little control on the outcome, I have 100% control of my actions.

This means if I am not getting the result I want then I simply look at my actions—do they line up with what I know to do?

  • Am I working out as much as I committed to?
  • Am I following my nutrition protocol completely?
  • Am I ensuring to sleep at least 7 hours a night and manage my stress?

…these are the things I can control.

And it’s actually quite fun to refine these actions, it’s part of what made me want to be a personal trainer in the first place.


PS. Part of a personal trainer’s job is to create & refine your actions.

If you taking the actions expected of you and still not getting results, then it is our job to refine your actions so that you do.

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