I played a lot of sports growing up.

Although I can’t say I was ever a star player, it did teach me a lot about life that I still use today such as teamwork, deliberate practice, and competition.

It also taught me something very important about goal setting.

You see, when I was first learning how to sprint in track & field class I struggled—my times sucked. I just couldn’t get everything working together and my movement was sloppy.

Then my coach gave me some advice that I still remember today.

He told me to “focus on the finish line”. 🎯

Simply enough right? The difference was I was so focused on the next step that my whole body was in a constant state of almost tripping.

When I focused on the finish line I experienced what people call “the zone”. Everything else disappeared and my sprinting times skyrocketed.

This is how a lot of people go about goal setting and why it rarely works.

They only think about the next step. 👣

Begin With The End In Mind

Discussed in Stephen R. Covey’s book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, beginning with the end in mind is all about knowing your purpose and what you’re trying to achieve. 🤔

It’s about asking yourself questions to determine your objectives and the reasons behind wanting to achieve them:

  • What is the purpose of what you are trying to achieve?
  • What outcomes do you want to achieve?
  • Why are those outcomes important?

Answering these questions is absolutely essential in order to “begin with the end in mind”. It’s about fast-forwarding into the future and considering what it looks like there for you.

Why is it so important?

Without an end goal in mind, how on earth are you going to get there? How can you know whether you’ve succeeded, failed, or reached somewhere in between, if you don’t know what you are aiming for?

Knowing your end goal will give you the continued motivation you need to achieve success. 💥

Putting it into action

Think about a person you wish to become.

Describe that person and then measure yourself against them. Try to identify the differences between yourself and that person and pinpoint the behaviors that you need to develop to order to get there.

Once you have clarity around where you are now and where you want to be, you can start mapping out your plan and working on closing the gaps between the two. 👍

This is effective goal setting and what will make the difference in whether you achieve or don’t achieve your goals in the long run.

To a live well lived,


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