ADAM MCDONALD is the owner, founder, and director of ARM SYSTEMS—a company who’s mission is to transform people’s lives through a combination of wellness advice, movement and strength training, behavior modification, and lifestyle coaching.

In his role, Adam: personally consults with clients seeking tailored exercise and nutrition solutions; designs and modifies plans and programs on a highly individualized basis; designates each client to the trainer (or trainers) best suited to his or her goals; and monitors everyone’s progress to ensure instant satisfaction and on-going success.

After completing his post-secondary education at HUMBER COLLEGE, ADAM was hired as a strength coach by a private training facility. Not just any private training facility; one owned by CHARLES POLIQUIN, a world-famous exercise-and-nutrition expert responsible for training dozens of Olympic medalists for twelve different sports.
Due to his personal and professional experiences in the fitness industry, ADAM has come to view exercise as a discipline that can empower clients’ entire lives.

“Training the average Joe should be no different than training a professional athlete. After all, both types of people have wants and needs, hopes and dreams, barriers and challenges. I’ve personally chosen to work with non-professionals because, in my view, professionals are already well taken-care-of, while the general population isn’t. I take everyone’s goals seriously–as though their lives depend upon it.”

Adam is known for his belief that people are happier and healthier when they endeavor to constantly educate, improve, and otherwise challenge themselves.