• The ARM Academy: Our Approach To Getting Results That Last

    At ARM SYSTEMS, our years of experience, innovation, and observation have revealed something both important and undeniable: To become fit and well requires not just hard work but physical education, pattern disruption, and behavior modification as well.

    After that, staying fit and well also requires support and guidance, but of an entirely different variety, with emphasis upon variation and progression.

    Fortunately, when we’re true to this proven formula, our clients tend to achieve their fitness, wellness, and lifestyle goals and achieve their results in a sustainable manner.

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Designing Your Life (Part 3)

In today’s post I will be completing the last part in my 3 part series “Designing Your Life” and dive a little deeper into how ARM uses design thinking as a business practice and how you can apply this way of thinking to your own life.

Why a Balanced Life is Bogus

Having a “balanced” life is not only impossible but it is counter-productive to our long term success.

If I was truly seeking balance it would mean trying to do all things at all times (and remaining mediocre at all of them). It would lead to frustration and eventually burnout.

Serving People Deeply: Finding The Right Community

I ended up getting stuck on the highway for over 2 hours yesterday. And while I can’t say I enjoyed it, I did end up making the most of it by having an incredible phone call with our vice president about serving the right community.

This came from a discussion about refining ARM’s purpose, mission, vision, and core values. The problem we were having was they didn’t seem to flow together as much as we wanted, it lacked something to tie it all together.

What it lacked was a clear and distinct audience that we wanted to serve.

How to Be a Productivity Rockstar

Intelligent people want to be living a life that is moving forward, growing towards something greater than that which already is. It could be a part of human nature, part of how we were raised or part of our specific genetic code, but intelligent people are on the move, forward and upward. Progress is the unit of measurement, the currency of driven people, and we like to fill our banks with lot of it! Below are ten things that will speed-up your progress; not just your body transformation or your athletic pursuits, but in all areas of your life.

Why Joining the Gym Often Isn’t Enough

Even at 17 I knew that having a gym membership wasn’t enough.

It was like having big box of equipment with no instructions (and if you have ever bought anything from IKEA without instructions you can appreciate the frustration that comes with that).

It’s why electricians, plumbers, and other tradespeople go to school—because the tools alone won’t get the job done.

Having a plan shifts what you COULD use into you what you SHOULD use—a critical part of getting fit.